Tuesday, December 22, 2009

to be or 2 not be seen

sorry for using abbrvs. I hate typing on touch screens. anywho, how do u plan on being noticed in the new year?

a delicious gossip scandal? or will u finally step out of the dark and show us ur style.

remember, whatever dirty work you get up 2, we'll be keeping a close eye.

the she-devil

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Leafy [Devils'] Couture

The fashion world is littered with creative outfits (or sometimes lack-of) yet some fashion queens stand out from others. The fashion wrongs never go missing from the practiced eye, and the fashion rights are rarely caught.

Looking at this DIY outfit at a first glance you would narrow your eyes, and possible cringe. The ways of our lives are to biased to notice creativity, and indivuality.

In my opinion Mel has put a lot of effort into this DIY outfit. I find it interesting. Defintely not something I would go walking down the street in, but how many of us would be seen in those monstrosity haute couture dresses designers make?

The She-Devil,

A new era

Well this blog used to be known as Stardoll Kissed Kouture.
So I've decided to renovate the blog entirely.
Now we are Devil Wears Designer (have been for a couple weeks, but I never actually got around to writing posts, changing backgrounds, etc).

To all you devil readers- be ready, because I will be updating a lot.

The she-devil.